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new song. - Hey hey, my my
Rock and roll will never die

Jimmy Keys posting in Because music heals
User: the_songremains (posted by exit_music_97)
Date: 2007-02-17 16:57
Subject: new song.
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It's called "Wind Song" and it's behind the cut.

Part 1: Heroes

We’re all heroes in our own minds
We’re the heroes that we left behind
‘Cause when we dream it seems we all drift away

A boy in green sings a lonely tune
A song that cries out for the moon
When no one’s round the sound never fades

When the city turns out the lights
The child wanders throughout the night
No one’s here, it’s clear he has no bed

He says he’s looking for a book of old
Under the arches in a city of gold
He carries on ‘till dawn and never rests his head

And when the wind blows a gentle breeze
People hear the rustling of the leaves
Peace of mind, they find is in the song

And in these woods there’s a wooden door
Holding the answers they are looking for
When the wind blows they’ll know what’s been there all along

Part 2: The Wind

When you’re trying to find yourself
Don’t forget what you’ve learned
If you think no one’s there for you
There’s always someone who cares

That door is going to open soon
You have to listen to the wind
And when that melody’s calling you
You’ve got to sing from within

Part 3: The Song

When we’re traveling this world
Not knowing what will unfurl
A hero plays this old song
Who wants us all to shine on
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